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One More Stop

Sometimes the right spot is almost a guarantee. Pro Jacob Wheeler proves it.

Save Your Line

Fishing line is all that is connecting you and your next big fish; take care of it.

Lew’s Funds Rods For Vets

Working charity program puts more military vets on the water.

Fall ’Eyes On The Troll

Catching big fall walleyes is easy. Just how easy? Fish Ed.'s Jon Thelen explains.

Science Wednesday: Feeding Behaviors

Understanding not only what, but how, a predator fish feeds will ultimately lead anglers to a better success rate.

Life Jacket Type Code Labels Go Away

In an effort to be more consumer friendly and spur innovation, the US Coast Guard is dropping its Type I-V labeling system.

Sling Blade Bassin’

Spinnerbait tips for late-season success. This presentation is good in the spring, but it really shines in the fall!

Holey Boat!

Why would this angler intentionally put two 8-inch holes in the bottom of his aluminum boat?

Crazy Catch Video: Hooking A Bizarre Sawfish

If Home Depot and Petco had a baby, it might look like this finned freak.

Battle With Braided Line: Part 3

The battle surrounding braided line continues. How about using both braid and mono at the same time?

Tech Tuesday: Build A Predator-Proof Leader

Late season is when big fish with large, razor-sharp teeth like to come out to play. You can spend $10 on one leader that will subdue the beasts. Or, you can build 5 of your own for about the same amount of money.

How Polarized Lenses Work

A specialized layer within the lens filters the particular light waves that cause glare.



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