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How Polarized Lenses Work

A specialized layer within the lens filters the particular light waves that cause glare.

Fish Ed. To Hit Airwaves

The popular angling how-to webcast will begin airing on Fox Sports North this weekend.

Crazy Catch Video: Hooking A Bizarre Sawfish

If Home Depot and Petco had a baby, it might look like this finned freak.

Big Trout Eat Meat

Take advantage of a brute trout’s penchant for flesh.

This Week: Free Shipping From NAF Store!

Buy $50 or more of great gear from the North American Fisherman Store, Sept. 29-Oct.5, and shipping is FREE.

Why Fish Fluoro

Fluorocarbon line is nearly invisible to fish, even in clear water. But that's not the only reason pro bass angler Karen Savik spools up with the stuff.

Flippin' For Cats

On a day-to-day basis, the best action usually takes place during the middle of a sunny day after the water warms and the increased light penetration makes baits easier for cats to see.

The Magic Worm

Want to know my greatest bass-catching technique? Read on and you will catch more fish--regardless of where your home waters are.

Member Spotlight: Paul Trontvet

Paul Trontvet is an NAFC Charter Member, having joined the Club in its first year. A multi-species angler, Paul often travels to pursue his passion.

Dog Hair And Smokies Fish

Traditional hair jigs play when the conditions are right. Keep a few on hand-always!

It’s National Hunting And Fishing Day

You better be reading this on a mobile device from your bass boat or treestand.

The Giant Perch Of Idaho?

There are very impressive perch out west, and no, not just Devil's Lake North Dakota.



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